Service and Engineering Solutions

Choose our filed services, facility siting studies, blast retrofit and upgrade design solutions to manage risk in your facility

A major explosion or blast can occur without warning for a variety of reasons within Oil, Gas and Petrochemical facilities. To protect your people and equipment you need a proven defence. At RedGuard Specialist Services we combine all the engineering behind the industry’s best successfully tested, blast-resistant modular buildings. But if you prefer to bring your existing buildings into compliance, you can now choose our blast retrofit and upgrade design solutions. We can also help you manage the risk associated with working in hazardous environments with our facility siting studies, and we also have a dedicated team of experts for various call-out services.


Our dedicated ServiceTeam members are fully certified and located in Dubai, Jubail, Aberdeen, Singapore and Houston facilities, perfectly positioned to meet the after-sales support demands of our customers in all regions. Through this global support network we can provide you with technical assistance by telephone, email or on-site services. Our teams are available and ready to mobilise at any time for local and international travel both onshore and offshore to any of your facilities upon request, to perform work, including, but not limited to:

  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Fault Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Routine Service Testing and Inspection
  • Ex Equipment Inspection
  • Upgrades and Add-On Facilities

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Blast Retrofit and Upgrade Design

As part of your company’s Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), your facility siting study may recommend that existing buildings be either moved, replaced or retrofitted. RedGuard Specialist Services’ Conceptual Design Study will present mitigation options for either reinforcing existing structures or replacing them. Additionally, a Final Retrofit Design will offer you solutions that can be used to bring your existing facility into compliance.

Possible Blast Retrofit and Upgrade Design suggestions might include: shield structures, shield wall upgrades, steel build upgrades, window and door upgrades, brick building upgrades and more. When you work with RedGuard Specialist Services, you will get a turnkey set of plans to take to your contractor. The final retrofit design project will include a detailed cost estimate and construction documents, including plans and specifications.

Facility Siting Studies

Facility Siting Studies, part of our Engineering Services, can help you manage the risks associated with working in hazardous environments, and prevent accidents resulting in major financial loss, injuries, and lost lives. Facility Siting Studies are done to comply with regulations, meet industry guidelines and reduce the chances of public exposure. All refineries, petrochemical or other chemical operations, and other facilities covered by the Process Safety Management regulation (known as PSM) are required to complete facility site studies.

RedGuard Specialist Services will provide guidance to reduce risk from explosion, fire and toxic hazards to personnel in buildings. Our analysis will include recommendations to reinforce existing buildings, replace them with blast-resistant buildings, or to determine if buildings should be relocated to areas less susceptible to damage. A RedGuard Specialist Services Facility Siting Study includes: occupied building assessment, fire, toxin and explosion study, temporary building siting, and permanent building siting.


Why RedGuard Specialist Services?

RedGuard Specialist Services is a leading authority in blast resistance, providing safe, customizable and scalable blast-resistant modular buildings. RedGuard Specialist Services has aligned with industry leading strategic partners who are known across the globe, and with engineers who are recognized as the best in their fields. To save time and money, and to mitigate hazard areas as soon as they are identified, we can provide you with immediate turnkey solutions, or we can custom engineer a solution based on site requirements.