RedGuard Specialist Services is blasting off to the future

In areas where there is a risk of accidental explosions, customers require modular buildings of the highest quality to rely on for protecting their people, equipment and critical operations. RedGuard Specialist Services meets these needs through three different product offerings, as well as dedicated aftersales staff, who form part of our ServiceTeam, and are based in our facilities in Dubai, Jubail, Aberdeen, Singapore and Houston.

In addition to our LeaseFleet standard range of blast-resistant modular buildings available for sale and hire, countless customers around the world have benefitted from our ability to build customised blast-resistant modular buildings under our SafetySuite brand. “All of the units and buildings we manufacture are certified to the highest of standards when it comes to blast-resistance,” says John Kay, General Manager.

“Anybody can build a box or a unit and say that it’s going to deliver certain things, but what we have is an unrivalled depth of engineering capability to build structures that we know meet and exceed all of the industry various standards. This provides our customers with an added layer of confidence and ensures that we can move quickly with new, approved projects,” concludes John.

Energy, Oil & Gas speaks to John Kay about RedGuard Specialist Services engineering and manufacturing capabilities of their blast-resistant modules, as well as their international presence and support services. Find out more in the feature article in the November issue of Energy, Oil & Gas (pp 40-41).