Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings for Rental

Proven Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings

LeaseFleet is our rental fleet of blast-resistant modules ready for immediate deployment, providing quick and proven protection guaranteed to meet the needs of virtually any project—no matter how big.

Our LeaseFleet standard range of blast-resistant modules available for rental and sale includes modules of various sizes that serve various purposes, from offices and engineering modules, to laboratories, workshops, bunkers, refuge shelters, and more. The units are offered in three widths (8ft, 11ft, and 12ft) and different lengths.

Engineered to our industry-leading safety specifications, each module adheres to API RP 752 and 753 and applies a proven, successfully blast test design, with a blast rating of 10 psi at 200 MS. In addition, all of our modules meet the criteria for a low or medium response rating (low or medium damage) as defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers, to provide proven protection and increase peace of mind.



8ft (2.4m) Wide Blast-Resistant Modules

Our space-saving, life-saving 8ft wide blast-resistant modules are the perfect option when a crowded job site leaves you in a tight spot. Our range of 8ft wide modules includes primarily 8ftx20ft and 8ftx40ft Open Floor units, but we can also provide 8ftx10ft units to be used as Guard Shacks. Our 8ft wide fleet is based in Singapore.

11ft (3.4m) Wide Blast-Resistant Modules

The 11ft wide blast-resistant modules range features additional 2-hour fire resistance (H120) and generously sized windows for natural daylight within the units, while still maintaining the same blast resistance level. The range includes primarily 11ftx20ft and 11ftx40ft units that are based in Rotterdam.

12ft (3.6m) Wide Blast-Resistant Modules

Get the space you want and the safety you need with our 12ftx40ft wide blast-resistant modules. These wider modules can be used as office space, storage units, conference rooms and any other application you need on site. Part of the fleet also includes blast-resistant modules engineered to industry leading safety specifications and in compliance with Saudi Aramco Loss Prevention Guidelines for Refineries and Gas Plants. Our 12ft wide fleet is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


LeaseFleet Range Datasheet
8ft Wide LeaseFleet Datasheet
11ft Wide LeaseFleet Datasheet
12ft Wide LeaseFleet Datasheet
12ft Wide LeaseFleet Datasheet – Saudi Aramco LPG