Blast-Resistant and Ballistic-Resistant Modular Buildings

Our Products

Whether you are in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, government, military, defence, or mining industry, operating in hazardous areas is a daily routine for your business. In areas that are constantly at risk of accidental explosions, you need solutions of the highest quality and safety to rely on for protecting your people and equipment.


Our rental fleet of blast-resistant modules ready for immediate deployment, providing proven protection while meeting the needs and requirements of your project and site.


Our premier line of customised blast-resistant modular buildings, providing the proven peace of mind and uncompromised comfort necessary to get the job done.


The ultimate solution to keep personnel and equipment safe, providing government, military and defence customers with a variety of structures for protection and security at any threat level.

Fully compliant with international industry standards and certification, RedGuard Specialist Services blast-resistant modular buildings are specifically designed to maximize safety. With continuous investment and commitment to innovation, we evolve our modules to ensure they protect people and assets in your facilities and other hazardous areas.