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Protecting people and equipment from blast

A major explosion or blast can occur without warning in hazardous environments, especially within oil and gas, refineries and petrochemical facilities, as recently highlighted by the unfortunate explosions at a refinery in Turkey and at a gas plant in Austria. In these locations, a proven defense is necessary to protect people and equipment. RedGuard Specialist Services specialises in the design, engineering and manufacturing of blast-resistant buildings, which can include typical brick and mortar office building amenities.

John Kay, General Manager, speaks to Hydrocarbon Engineering about RedGuard Specialist Services engineering and manufacturing capabilities of their blast-resistant modules, with focus on safety and certification. Find out more in the feature article at:

Based on the demanding requirements for safety in case of blast, we have also performed a successful field blast test to ensure that its products provide the highest levels of safety. This successful blast test was conducted by detonating an explosive charge a set distance from the building being tested. The entire process was filmed by a high-speed camera and afterward, the footage, as well as the building’s interior, exterior and structure, were closely examined to determine any damage. The results of the test proved the high quality and safety of these robust and reliable modules.