Demonstrating the Efficacy of Blast-Resistant Modules with a Field Blast Test

RedGuard, the industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of blast-resistant modular buildings for the oil & gas industry and defence industries, has successfully completed their latest blast test at a third-party testing facility in autumn 2020. Just like RedGuard, we at RedGuard Specialist Services believe that this test demonstrates the largest explosion for a blast test of its kind.

The main purpose of the field blast test was to validate four key points during a large-scale blast event:

  1. The design and engineering of the blast-resistant structures
  2. That occupants of the building are protected
  3. The effect of a blast on the non-structural components of a blast-resistant module
  4. The effect of a blast on the anchoring and sliding of a blast-resistant module.

This large-scale explosion was staged by using a 2.7 tons of a high explosive charge, a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (ANFO), positioned at a standoff distance of 52 and 58 meters from four structures. To determine the potential injuries sustained on a human body during a blast of this magnitude while inside one of our blast-resistant modular buildings, we used Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATD), also known as crash test dummies.

A third-party engineering company, Omega-Risk, which was founded by Dr. Ali Sari, one of the foremost authorities on blast engineering, has thoroughly reviewed the results of the field blast test. “The blast test program by RedGuard has been the most extensive test program regarding blast-resistant modular buildings, or BRMs. It was very successful and demonstrated that these buildings’ non-structural components can be properly designed to prevent injuries in these buildings, even for very high blast loads,” said Dr. Sari.

Philip Lange, Technical Sales Manager at RedGuard, added: “We were able to test and prove many different blast-resistant concepts during these field tests. Using a third-party engineering firm is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our tests. We can say, with affirmation from an outside source that our structures performed flawlessly. We came away from that test with a wealth of information and even great ideas for future design concepts.”

We expect to release video demonstrations, together with other educational content on the field blast test soon. However, we are already sharing below preview with you.

About RedGuard Specialist Services

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