Choose your blast-resistant modules wisely


Choose wisely: Trust the specialists in blast-resistant modules

A major explosion or blast can occur without warning for a variety of reasons within Oil, Gas and Petrochemical facilities. To protect your people and equipment you need a proven defence. At RedGuard Specialist Services we combine all the engineering behind the industry’s best successfully tested, blast-resistant modular buildings, with the virtually unlimited amenities of a traditional brick and mortar office building.

Whether you choose to get your blast-resistant modules from us or one of our competitors, you need to make sure you get the right product that will protect your people and assets in case of a blast. If you are considering a manufacturer that has not performed a successful live field blast test, we strongly recommend you look elsewhere.

Live field blast test

Our successful blast test was conducted by detonating an explosive charge a set distance from the building being tested. The entire process was filmed by a high-speed camera and afterward, the footage, as well as the building’s interior, exterior and structure, were closely examined to determine any damage. Take a look at the blast test video.


The importance of blast-pressure ratings

While blast pressure is a key component of a blast-resistant building’s design formula, it is the combination of that pressure and the duration and response-level that tell the full story of how a blast-resistant building will hold up to an explosion. Our standard range of blast-resistant modules has a low or medium response rating of 10 PSI at 200 msec.

Understanding response levels

Understanding response levels is a critical component in selecting the right blast-resistant modular building, unfortunately it can also be somewhat misleading. When comparing blast-resistant modules, it is generally a good idea to always replace “response level” with “damage level.” The following is how the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) defines each response level:

All blast-resistant modules produced by RedGuard Specialist Services meet the criteria for low or medium response ratings by ASCE, adhere to API RP 752 / 753 and apply a proven, successfully blast tested design.

Blast-resistant modules for sale and hire

Considering different specifications and requirements from our customers, we provide blast-resistant modules ready for immediate rental as well as customised modules based on your specific requirements.

LeaseFleet is our rental fleet of blast-resistant modules ready for immediate deployment, with medium response rating of 10 PSI at 200 msec. These modules provide a quick and proven protection guaranteed to meet the needs of virtually any project—no matter how big.

SafetySuite is our premier line of customised blast-resistant modular buildings that can provide you with the proven peace of mind and uncompromised comfort, with a durable and reliable environment.