Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings for Your Temporary Requirements

When your operations face new or unforeseen challenges, RedGuard Specialist Services, is here to support you with convenient solutions for your temporary requirements onshore and offshore. Our LeaseFleet standard range of Blast Resistant Modular Buildings for rental is ready for immediate delivery to your facility, anywhere in the world.

Possible Rental Buildings Applications

  • Quarantine offices for your personnel during self-quarantine
  • Separate offices to keep your personnel safe while working
  • Temporary safe spaces for testing, patient intake, and examinations
  • Security offices
  • Visitor control centres
  • Access control buildings
  • Temporary storage of essential equipment and goods
  • Kitchen units, laundry, food storage, lockers and other support modules

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy mobilisation and installation of prefabricated modules
  • Flexible laydown solutions with minimal footprint
  • Suitable for social distancing and quarantine measures
  • 8ft x 40ft, 11ft x 20ft, 11ft x 40ft, and 12ft x 40ft Office Modules with optimised workspace efficiency
  • These standard modules can be joined together to provide larger spaces in line with your requirements
  • All of our Blast Resistant Modules adhere to API RP 752 and 753, and apply a successfully blast-tested design
  • All units have a blast rating of 10 psi at 200 MS and meet the criteria for a low or medium response rating (low or medium damage) by the American Society of Civil Engineers

Our LeaseFleet units are available for immediate rental and sale from our regional centres based in Dubai, Jubail, Singapore, Aberdeen, Rotterdam, Houston, and New Iberia. We can also customise the units in line with your specific requirements.

Contact us for more information and orders

For more information about our Modular Buildings solutions during these challenging times, feel free to contact us at You can also contact our nearest regional team members.